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There is no question that the capital of Jalisco is a privileged city full of culture, history and leisure options. Modernity and tradition go hand in hand in this city with the soul of a business centre. It's not hard to find lovely colonial buildings, museums, and cafés that contrast with the new infrastructure intended to make Guadalajara a major cultural showcase of Latin America.

In the heart of the city, you'll find the Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara with the best services and amenities for you to experience an unforgettable urban getaway. On the outskirts, you'll find countless attractions, like the Guadalajara Expo and the Gran Plaza Fashion Mall, ideal for going shopping.

Discover the most interesting aspects of the city

Guadalajara is a city replete with interesting places to see, like the old town, the cathedral, the Plaza de Armas or the Hospicio Cabañas, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for being a unique architectural complex containing superb frescos, a masterpiece of Mexican art. If you tour the city, you have to visit the Parque del Agua Azul, a park that mixes nature and culture, and which has outstanding attractions like the butterfly house, an aviary, an orchid garden, an exhibit hall and a stage for live shows. You'll also find the Museo de Paleontología here, which exhibits artifacts of the oldest inhabitants of the area and prehistoric animal fossils.

Excursions in search of tradition

Is there anything more Mexican than tequila? Whether you like it or not, we recommend an excursion to see the enormous agave fields and some of the distilleries around Jalisco, considered the birthplace of tequila. Another option for learning more about how this liquor is made is to visit the colonial town of Tlaquepaque and its tequila factory, which will take you into the most traditional Mexico. This town is located southeast of Guadalajara, near the municipality of Tonalá. Both places are famous for their dozens of craft workshops and stalls selling items made of clay, glass, leather, tin, fabric... You won't find a better place to purchase the typical handicrafts of the area!

Guadalajaran gastronomy

Mexican cuisine offers a tremendous variety of dishes that will surprise you. You can't leave Guadalajara without trying torta ahogada, a sandwich served submerged in a bowl of hot sauce and garnished with onion rings; birria, a steamed meat stew with mushrooms; chilaquiles, tortillas served with quilitl, onion, chile and cheese; enchiladas tapatías, rolled tortillas with a meat and/or cheese filling; and jericalla, a typical dessert similar to crème caramel.

Bosque La Primavera:

Formed 140,000 years ago, this forest is the largest ecological reserve near the Guadalajara metropolitan area.

Lago de Chapala:

Located in the eastern part of the state of Jalisco, it is considered one of the country's largest lakes. The towns of Chapala and Ajijic, the sites of important craft and cultural movements, are located on its shore.

Parque del Agua Azul:

The park with the most tradition in Guadalajara. Visitors and residents relax and commune with nature and culture on its 16 hectares.

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