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Volcanoes are fundamental elements in the history of Lanzarote. The craters and lava flows form unique ochre-hued landscapes that contrast with the different blues of its marvellous beaches. But in Lanzarote there is much more to see and do. Don't hesitate to explore its fantastic natural and cultural legacy, enjoy its wide range of activities or try its delicious cuisine on your holiday. 

The Hotel Riu Paraiso Lanzarote Resort is the perfect place to enjoy your getaway to Lanzarote, as it is located in a spectacular setting and offers the best all-inclusive service. In this hotel you'll have everything you need for an unforgettable holiday.

Lanzarote, an authentic paradise

The beaches of this volcanic island are ideal for relaxing and having a good time, like Playa Blanca, with its white sand and tranquil waters; the coves of El Pozo, with volcanic sand; and Playa de los Pocillos, perfect for people who want to have fun on the beach. We also recommend you visit the natural pools of the Chinijo Archipelago, which you can reach by taking an excursion on a boat.

In Lanzarote you'll find natural spectacles that will amaze you, like Jameos del Agua, an incredible natural environment in a volcanic tunnel; Mirador del Río, where you'll be able to enjoy fantastic views of the sea; and Timanfaya National Park, a spectacular volcanic area full of marvellous hidden nature spots. You can explore the latter by taking the Route of the Volcanoes, which leads you into the zone and follows a narrow trail through its most significant areas. And if you want to explore still more beautiful places near this park, don't hesitate to visit the Salinas del Janubio salt flats or the fantastic coves of Playa Papagayo, Lanzarote's most famous beach. If you want see more of the 'Island of Volcanoes', a very good option is to visit some of its picturesque villages, like Haría, a town that is an oasis of vegetation in a volcanic landscape, and Órzola, a fishing village whose white houses have blue windows and doors. You can also visit its capital, Arrecife, and see its most emblematic places, like Muelle de la Cebolla, the church of San Ginés and various castles built for defensive purposes.


In the Canary Islands, the cuisine stands out for its use of local ingredients and traditional recipes with European and African continental influences. The most common ingredients are fish, meat, vegetables and legumes. All of these are used to make delicious dishes like sancocho, a dish made with salt fish; papas arrugás, small potatoes cooked in their skins and served with a variety of 'mojos' or sauces; ropa vieja, a stew made with chicken, chick peas, potatoes, a dash of white wine and abundant spices; and puchero canario, a recipe with a long list of ingredients that includes both typical and exotic vegetables. An authentic delight for the palate!

Timanfaya National Park:

A stark landscape bare of any vegetation, with colours and formations left behind by a volcanic eruption in 1730. It has incredible nature spots, like the Montaña Rajada scenic overlook.

Playas del Papagayo:

A series of coves with golden sand and transparent waters that are perfect for snorkelling and relaxing in a heavenly setting.

Archipiélago Chinijo Nature Park:

A protected area made up of a group of islands with amazing natural spaces.

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