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In the central part of Jamaica's northern coast is Ocho Rios. We invite you to discover indigenous cultures to the rhythm of reggae, spectacular waterfalls, leafy natural parks and richly populated sea floors. Its beaches populated with palm trees and bathed in limpid waters are the perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Ocho Rios and the Jamaican way of life.

The Hotel Riu Ocho Rios is located right on Mammee Bay, a beach with fine white sands and crystalline waters where you can relax and enjoy the warm climate of Jamaica. And, nearby you can practise aquatic sports like snorkelling and scuba diving to explore the amazing sea floor of the Caribbean.

Unique natural landscapes

There nothing better than a holiday beside the Caribbean, and Ocho Rios offers you that. Its heavenly beaches will make you want to stay longer in this place. We recommend you visit the Columbus Foot Beach, with its colourful fishing canoes on the sand; Laughing Waters Beach, where a small waterfall flows into the sea through leafy vegetation; and uncrowded Reggae Beach (now known as Bamboo Beach) with its golden sand and transparent waters.

In Ocho Rios you'll also have the chance to see unique and incredible scenery, like Dunn's River Falls, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim, or the Green Grotto Caves, where you can explore a world hidden underground. If you want to see more greenery, you can visit the parks in the area, like the Cranbrook Flower Forest and the botanical gardens of Shaw Park Gardens to delight in their exuberant plant life.

At night there are plenty of things to do, like visiting the Glistening Waters Lagoon to see how the water glows due to a natural phenomenon, or going to James Street, popularly known as 'Reggae Strip', to experience the nightlife of Ocho Rios.

Gastronomy in Ocho Rios

In Jamaica you can enjoy exquisite cuisine that stands out for the combination of local ingredients with African and British influences. The specialities you should try include pepperpot, a stew made of quimbombó, callaloo (amaranth) and beef; sumario, a dish that combines different types of fish and vegetables cooked in coconut milk, peppers and spices; and green papaya chutney. Plus, you'll be able to savour delicious exotic fruits and typical drinks like Red Stripe beer and Tía María liquor on the island.

Dunn's River Falls:

One of the loveliest waterfalls in the world, it drops from a height of 180 metres. Without a doubt, a unique natural spectacle.

Fern Gully:

This deep canyon boasts exuberant vegetation. The sinuous highway that winds through this natural park is spectacular, with forests of ferns so dense that they filter out the sunlight.

Cranbrook Botanical Gardens:

A botanical garden with many species of tropical trees. The guided tours will take you to see gigantic ferns, tropical ginger and many varieties of heliconias.

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