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How can I contact the hotel?

If you have any specific answer about your reservation or you have any doubt about a service, you can contact to our Reservation Center, you will find its phone number in our Website Home. If you want to contact  your Hotel reception directly for a more specific question you will find its phone number under the Hotel name, in its online information sheet. 

When can I Check-in and Check-out?

RIU Hotels & Resorts checks everything before your arrival, so your check-in day you can enter your room from 03:00pm. So, if you think you will arrive before, you can call your Hotel reception to inform about it and they will explain how you should proceed. The Hotel reception can take care of your suitcases until your room is ready while you take a ride and meet the resort facilities.

Can I ask for a double, king or twin bed?

Some RIU rooms are bigger than others and they can offer kingsize beds, double beds or twin bedded rooms. We can not guarantee you a specific kind of bed but you can ask for it when doing your reservation and if it is available the Hotel will offer you it. If you need any further information, please ask our Reservation Center.

Are there excursions, golf, spa and free-time activities?

If you want to ask for information about excursions, activities, spa and golf, you will find all the contacts and companies which can offer these services in the Hotel reception. You also can check our website; checking your hotel or destiny information sheet you will find most of the details. Do not hesitate to contact our Reservation Center or your Hotel reception if you need any further information.

Is there gluten-free food?

It is important for us that you enjoy our food during your stay and we understand how important is the gluten free food for celiacs. That's why you will find selected gluten free food in our hotels. We feel sorry for not having complete gluten free menus in all hotels every day, so please, we kindly recommend you to contact your Hotel reception before your arrival in order to inform about your needs, and they will tell you if it is possible to satisfy all of them. 

Is there babysitter services?

RIU Hotels & Resorts has not babysitter services for free, but if you contact your Hotel reception in advance, most of them will help you to contact a babysitter who will come to the hotel. Please ask for the cost of the babysitter services before reserving it.

Can RIU Hotels & Resorts send me its hotels catalog?

RIU Hotels & Resorts is involved with the environment and has the Nature Friendly Billing Stamp, that is why we don't send catalogs to particulars. You will find the information sheet of each of our hotels in our website, with all the information about services, facilities and activities. You will also find information magazines in the hotels receptions and soon you can also look for them online.