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General Rules

Are pets allowed in the hotel?

We know how important is your pet for you, but for security and hygiene reasons we feel sorry not allowing them in our hotels. 

Are there some specific clothes required in the hotels?

We kindly ask our guests not wearing wet clothes in the restaurant, using shoes and, while having dinner in restaurants, wear casual or elegant clothes. 

Is it allowed smoking in the hotel?

To respect all our hosts comfort smoking is not allowed in rooms, neither in the hotel closed areas. Some hotels have smoking areas so please, ask in your Hotel reception.

Should I inform the hotel if I am late?

If you reserve through the website www.riu.com or calling our Reservation Center you can inform about your arrival time. It is important to inform the Hotel Reception if you arrive later than 18:00h, because this is the timeline for the confirmed reservations.

Could children stay alone in the hotel?

Law does not allow to host children without an adult of legal age in charge. 

Is there any timetable in the hotel?

We kindly ask our hosts to moderate all the acoustic volume in the rooms and the common areas, specially at night, and to respect the silence in stairs and corridors.