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In the eastern-most part of the Costa del Sol is Nerja, one of the most visited places in Spain. This popularity is easily explained. Its craggy coastline conceals a multitude of beaches, and its old town, with its white houses, lively terraces and viewpoints overlooking the sea, has a natural magnetism. Located between the mountains of the Sierra Almijara and the Mediterranean, it offers many of the treasures of Andalusia in a small area, in addition to a variety of entertainment possibilities, making it a privileged place to spend a memorable holiday.

The Hotel Riu Monica is located on the La Torrecilla beach and has the most exclusive amenities for enjoying your stay. In this hotel you'll have new gastronomic experiences, relax in the beauty and wellness centre, and cool off in a pool with views of the sea.

Nerja's enchanting landscapes

Upon arriving in Nerja, most visitors head to Balcón de Europa, the town's famous scenic overlook. Enjoying its marvellous view will be one of the high points of your stay. If it's hot, you'll probably feel like going to some of its nearby beaches: Calahonda, located just below the scenic overlook; Burriana, especially well-known in Spain for being the filming location of the popular television series 'Verano Azul'; La Torrecilla, bordered by the seafront promenade... Or you could lose yourself in the Maro cliffs and explore tiny coves that are perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving. 

Nerja is a marvellous place for strolling and seeing its landmarks, like its historic centre, the El Salvador church, Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas parish, the Águila Aqueduct, and the park in honour of the Spanish television series 'Verano Azul'. We also recommend you visit the nature spots in the surrounding area, like the famous Nerja Cave, declared Heritage of Cultural Interest, and the Sierra Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama Nature Park, where you'll get to see the flora and fauna of the region. And if you want to get to know the most extraordinary enclaves around Nerja, you can't miss towns like Frigiliana, Torrox and Algarrobo. We suggest you visit them by following what is known as the Sun and Wine Route, which will take you to some of the region's most emblematic towns.

Gastronomy of Málaga

If you're a fan of authentic gastronomic experiences, in Nerja you will have your chance. Its cuisine, as in the rest of Andalusia, is rich in fish, seafood and traditional dishes. You'll love trying pescaíto frito, Andalusian-style fried fish; ensalada malagueña, the city's traditional salad; ajoblanco, a cold garlic and almond soup; migas, made with breadcrumbs sautéed with garlic; and gachas, a sweet dish made with bread. You'll also be delighted by bienmesabe, a dessert made with eggs and almonds, and borrachuelos, a typical Malagan sweet. A pleasure for your palate. And if you want to learn more about the gastronomy of the area, you can plan a tapas and wine route that you will love.

Cala del Cañuelo:

It's a virgin cove surrounded by mountains and lovely vegetation. Its waters are limpid and ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving. If you have time, don't hesitate to stay until late evening to admire the sunset.

Maro and Cala Barranco de Maro Cliffs:

This is a unique coastal landscape where the sea and the mountains meet to form a series of virgin coves between abrupt cliffs. Cala Barranco de Maro is not easy to reach, but when you get there you won't regret it. It's tucked between cliffs, in a totally unspoiled environment, and is never crowded. It's a tranquil place just kilometres from the centre of Nerja.

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