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Business, culture and leisure come together in Panama City, a place as dynamic as it is interesting, where tourists cross paths with executives. Next to imposing skyscrapers colonial neighbourhoods suddenly appear, and along the amazing Panama Canal there are tropical forests with one of the richest concentrations of birds found anywhere in the world.

The Hotel Riu Plaza Panama, located in the heart of the financial district, is the perfect place for enjoying an unforgettable holiday in Panama City. On the outskirts, you'll find the best attractions and shopping centres for enjoying your getaway to the utmost.

The city and the Panama Canal

Panama City has countless hidden spots waiting to be discovered, from the most historic to the most modern. In Ciudad Nueva, the new city, you'll be able to admire huge skyscrapers, enjoy the famous Calzada de Amador causeway or visit the Parque Natural Metropolitano, the park that is the authentic green lung of Panama City where you can enjoy spectacular views of the city, the bay and the famous canal. If you want to discover the history of the place, in Panamá Viejo, the old town, you'll find colonial buildings and streets and squares from yesteryear, with emblematic landmarks like Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Cathedral, Casa Alarcón, the Palacio Presidencial and the Iglesia de San José church.

Any visit to the city has to include the Panama Canal, one of the greatest feats of engineering of all time. To better understand how it works, we recommend you visit the Miraflores locks, gigantic compartments situated between the canal and the sea. And, at the canal you'll be able to enjoy many activities, like sailing from the lock to Miraflores Lake, hiking and birdwatching.

Around Panama City

If you want to further explore Panama, we propose a visit to Taboga Island, a classic vacation spot for the city's inhabitants, where you'll find lively beaches. Another option is a visit to the nearby Soberanía National Park, a jungle inhabited by abundant and varied fauna, including protected species like crested eagles, jaguars and titís, the smallest monkeys in the world.


The country's more than 2,000 kilometres of coastline make fish and seafood the protagonists of many dishes. There is plenty of crab, lobster, shrimp and octopus, as well as local species like the guabina. But seafood is not the only highlight on the menus of Panama City: soups are also very popular. The most famous ones are sancocho and fu-fu. For dessert, there's nothing better than a delicious tropical fruit or a delicacy like 'sopa de borracha', a vanilla sweet with raisins and liquor.

Panama Canal:

One of the most important feats of engineering of all time. It joins the Atlantic and the Pacific through a channel that divides the country in two. Its construction made it possible to shorten distances and, particularly, to open new and more agile trading routes.

Taboga Island:

Twenty kilometres from the coast of Panama City is this island that serves as a leisure area for many Panamanians and tourists who visit to enjoy the beaches and the tranquillity. On the island you'll find the second-oldest church of the New World, founded in 1550, and with luck you'll catch a glimpse of humpback whales on their migratory journey.

Parque Natural Metropolitano:

A protected area that covers more than 230 hectares created to preserve a natural area in the city. In this park you'll find a great variety of flora and fauna and various viewpoints for taking in the stunning views of the city and the canal.

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