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The magic wafting from every corner of Marrakesh will enchant you. The reddish hues of its streets and buildings, the vibrant bustle of the Souk, the lush gardens and the gates of its walls present a charming city that seems taken from a tale in the Thousand and One Nights. 

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Marrakesh, a city worth discovering

Marrakesh, also known as the 'Red City', offers up countless unique experiences you will never forget. We recommend you visit the most emblematic places, like Djemaa el-Fna, the main square in the heart of the city. There you can enjoy the characteristic culture, cuisine, colours and art of the place. Very near this square you'll find the majestic Koutoubia Mosque and the labyrinthine Souks, where you can pass the time looking at the small stalls selling handcrafted clothing, food, jewellery and typical Moroccan products.

Other places you should visit include the Madrassa Ben Youssef, an Islamic college of great architectural beauty, founded in the 14th century; Badi Palace, still uniquely beautiful even though only part of its structure remains; and Bahia Palace, once the residence of the grand vizier. And if you want to see the city's gardens, you have to go to the Menara Gardens, with its reflecting pools full of fish, and Majorelle Garden, the site of Islamic Art Museum. If you feel like taking an excursion to see other places in the country, we recommend you visit Ouarzazate, the city known as the 'Gateway to the Desert', which has become a popular location for films; Essaouira, a port city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO; and the Todgha and Dadès Gorges, one of the most emblematic excursions which will take you to spectacular spots. And if you want even more adventure, don't hesitate to go to the desert and spend the night under the Erg Chebbi dunes in a 'haymah' or Bedouin tent. You should know that the sky in the desert of Marrakesh is an authentic spectacle you don't see every day.


The exoticism and unique flavour of the typical dishes of Morocco will amaze you. Amongst the main ingredients are vegetables, meat and semolina. You can't leave without trying tajine, a stew made with meat and vegetables; couscous, a typical dish made with semolina, meat and vegetables; pastilla, a pie filled with meat, nuts and some sweet ingredients. And, we recommend you try the typical sweets made with almonds and honey which you'll find in many artisanal food stalls.

The Palmeraie:

A large grove with more than 100,000 palm trees planted during the Almoravid dynasty. It covers 13,000 hectares and today is the city's most exclusive neighbourhood.

The desert of Marrakesh:

The Merzouga desert, considered the beginning of the Sahara Desert, holds the Erg Chebbi dunes, which reach a height of 150 metres. Spending the night under these mountains of sand and contemplating the starry sky is an unforgettable experience.

Djemaa el-Fna Square:

Unquestionably the heart of the old city of Marrakesh. The square unleashes all of its magic at sundown. That is when it fills with storytellers, musicians, actors, jugglers and snake charmers.

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