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Bathed by the waters of the Atlantic but protected from currents by a bay, Agadir is a favourite beach in Morocco. If we add the hospitality of the people of the area, the rich local culture and the marvellous oases of the interior, we find ourselves with the country's main beach destination, where you can relax without losing sight of the enchantment of Arab culture.

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The best places in Agadir

Agadir is a destination where you'll be able to enjoy both the beach and the beauty and culture of its surroundings. On its warm, golden-sand beaches, you'll find all types of facilities for relaxing and practising aquatic sports. But if you also want to get to know the city and immerse yourself in the marvellous culture of Morocco, we suggest you explore its streets and revel in their charm.

Commercial activities in the region have been centred around its port since time immemorial. It's a fabulous experience to visit this marina where fishing boats still arrive with their catch and trawl in its waters, and to see its dockyards. We also recommend you take a stroll on Hassan II Boulevard, a modern seafront promenade, and venture into the cobblestone streets of the Medina, which is full of arches and ornate façades in pure Arab style. There you'll find craftsmen specialised in leather, glass and wood still working using the most traditional methods. And if you climb to the top of the hill, you'll find the ruins of the Kasbah, the ancient fortress that formerly protected the city, where you can enjoy its splendid views. Other places you can't miss in Agadir include the Olhao Garden, the small zoo known as the 'Valley of the Birds", and the Mohammed V and Loubnane mosques.

If you want to see the Agadir's lovely surroundings, you have the option of visiting fishing villages, parts of the nearby Sahara Desert, and exotic desert-like beaches. But if we have to single out one excursion, we recommend you drive to the ochre fields of the Tamraght River valley, also known as 'Paradise Valley'. Amid its deep gorges you'll find a succession of palm groves and picturesque adobe villages. In the deepest part of the canyon, dominated by the white village of Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane, there is a small hidden oasis with exquisite and ephemeral waterfalls that carry water only during the rainy season.

Moroccan Gastronomy

The enormous fishing fleet of Agadir supplies the city every day with the bounty of the sea, although the quintessential dishes of Moroccan cuisine are also in evidence. We recommend you try tajine, a stew made with meat and vegetables; couscous, a typical dish made with semolina, meat and vegetables; pastilla, a pie filled with meat, nuts and some sweet ingredients. And we also suggest you sample the delicious mint tea and the fruit juices that accompany any traditional breakfast, lunch or dinner. Places of Interest

Tamraght Valley:

In this scenic spot known as 'Paradise Valley', you'll get to explore incredible palm groves and traditional adobe villages. You'll also be able to see the exquisite town of Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane.

The Medina:

Though a modern building, this structure faithfully recreates the architecture and atmosphere of a traditional medina. Its cobblestone streets, arches and delicately ornamented façades pay tribute to Arab tradition.

The Port:

This sardine port bustles with activity and energy. On the dock you'll find taverns where you can eat at long communal tables.

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