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Los Cabos, on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, is one of Mexico's loveliest and most exclusive destinations. This zone, located between San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, is remarkable for the multitude of attractions it offers: exceptional beaches, beautiful scenery, aquatic sports and a varied offer of leisure activities both day and night.

In Los Cabos you'll find the Hotel Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas and the Hotel Riu Santa Fe located next to the impressive Playa El Médano beach. There, you'll enjoy the best services and amenities for an authentic Mexican holiday.

Main tourist attractions

In the vicinity of the RIU hotels in Los Cabos, you'll find countless places to explore, like El Arco, a spectacular rock arch that has become a popular tourist attraction. From the port of Cabo San Lucas, a variety of vessels offer scheduled outings to this lovely natural landmark. We also suggest you visit San José del Cabo, a city with a characteristic provincial charm whose centre is a perfect example of colonial architecture. We recommend strolling through its historic centre and visiting the mission, the city hall and the main square, where you can purchase handicrafts as souvenirs.

On the Baja California peninsula, you can see beautiful landscapes by taking tours by bicycle, buggy or on horseback, like the Faro de Cabo Falso lighthouse. Although if you're someone who prefers stronger emotions, you can visit the Wild Canyon theme park and enjoy activities like taking a ride on a zipline and bungee jumping. You can also visit the village of Miraflores or the artisanal glass factory, two different possibilities for getting to know the area's characteristic local culture.

The best flavours in Los Cabos

The cuisine of Los Cabos is a delicious selection of Mexican classics intermingled with the flavours of the region's indigenous gastronomy. In Los Cabos, the specialities based on fish and shellfish stand out, making it a paradise for seafood-lovers. For those looking for the most typical dishes, we especially recommend the burritos, tacos and tamales made with machaca, a paste prepared with a shredded or ground fish.

Playa El Médano:

This beach paradise offers everything you need for spending a day as a family or simply relaxing and sunbathing. Its transparent and tranquil waters are perfect for practising sports like snorkelling, kayaking, water skiing, wind surfing and jet ski.

El Arco:

It's the symbol of Los Cabos. El Arco is a spectacular rock arch located off the tip of Baja California Peninsula. Nearby you'll find Playa Amor and Playa Divorcio, which can only be reached by boat.

San José del Cabo Estuary Nature Reserve:

The mouth of the San José River forms an estuary that serves as a refuge for numerous migratory birds, as well as reptiles and mammals. On foot, by bicycle or by kayak, any means of getting around is good for exploring this natural sanctuary just outside San José del Cabo.

Cabo Pulmo Marine National park:

This biosphere reserve, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is unique for being the only hard coral reef in the Eastern Pacific and one of three living reefs in North America. It is common to see large mammals like whales, dolphins, whale sharks and sea lions here.

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