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The exclusive enclave of Mahoe Bay, in northern Jamaica, is the site of the Hotel Riu Montego Bay, the Hotel Riu Palace Jamaica and the Hotel Riu Reggae. Thanks to their privileged location, they are the perfect places to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Montego Bay with an all-inclusive service.

A Historic City

Montego Bay is Jamaica's fourth-most populated city, and it offers countless interesting places to visit that you shouldn't miss. To start getting in tune with the Jamaican reality, we recommend you visit the Sam Sharpe Memorial, in the main square of Montego Bay, where there is a statue commemorating one of the leaders of the 19th century slave revolts. If you stroll around the area, you'll also see 'The Cage', an old jail for slaves, and you can visit the craft market where you'll find traditional items of the country. We also suggest you set aside time to visit the Bob Marley Experience and Theater, a centre dedicated to the musician where you can learn more about his life and about reggae.

A destination surrounded by nature and culture

Jamaica stands out for the nature it has tucked away in every corner. So we recommend you get out and see the natural environment of the island and enjoy its beauty. If you feel like a relaxing activity, don't hesitate to visit Martha Brae River to enjoy the marvellous experience of lying on a bamboo raft and letting yourself be carried down the river. If you're looking for more dynamic activities, in the maritime zone of Montego Bay you can rent everything you need to immerse yourself in the transparent waters of the Caribbean and explore the marine flora and fauna of the area.

In Montego Bay you can also take excursions to find out about Jamaican traditions, like a visit to a Rastafarian village to learn all about their life and culture; or to the Croydon Plantation to discover its fruit orchards, one of the country's main sources of income; or the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary to discover the nearly 200 species of brightly coloured birds. Lastly, you can't forget to visit the Glistening Waters Lagoon to watch how the schools of plankton there glow in response to any stimulus or movement.

Gastronomy of Montego Bay

The cuisine of Montego Bay stands out for its African and British influences mixed with native ingredients. Amongst the numerous specialities of the island, you'll find quimbombó, a chile-like fruit; callaloo, a green-leafed vegetable with an intense flavour; jerk, the famous Jamaican spice mixture; pepperpot, a stew made with quimbombó, callaloo and beef; and green papaya chutney. Plus, you'll be able to savour delicious exotic fruits and typical drinks like Red Stripe beer and Tía María liquor on the island.

Saint James Parish Church:

Possibly the most impressive church in Jamaica. Its exquisite stained glass windows and sculptures by John Bacon, the most important English sculptor of the 18th century, are outstanding.

Glistening Waters Lagoon:

In this lagoon, just minutes from Falmouth, you can watch a marvellous spectacle: bioluminescence. These are schools of plankton that glow in response to any stimulus or movement. From the bay night tours are organised to observe this very special phenomenon.

Rose Hall Mansion:

It's the best-known colonial mansion in Jamaica and a good example of 18th century architecture. It is famous for its grand staircase and doors, both made of local mahogany.

Windsor Caves:

Formed by the springs that feed the Martha Brae River, these amazing limestone caves are home to a large colony of bats. At night, when these animals leave the cave to hunt, they create an amazing spectacle.

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