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The desert-like appearance of this volcanic land in the middle of the Atlantic makes Boa Vista a unique place. The greatest attraction of this island which emerges from the ocean is its privileged coast, with beaches trapped between tall sand dunes and crystalline waters. The desert interior is cooled off by an occasional oasis with palm trees that adds a touch of greenery to the landscape.

In Boa Vista you'll find the Hotel Riu Palace Boavista, the Hotel Riu Karamboa and the Hotel Riu Touareg, which, located on the beachfront, offer you a privileged setting for your holiday. And, its 24-Hour All-Inclusive service, the entertainment programmes and a varied gastronomic offer will make your getaway unforgettable.

Discover Boa Vista

Boa Vista is a tranquil island whose greatest assets are its heavenly beaches. But people looking for a more active experience will also find places to visit and things to do. The beaches you can't miss are Praia de Santa Mónica, an 18-kilometre stretch of sand where you can swim and sunbathe in tranquillity; and Praia de Chaves, an enchanting place where the desert meets a beach with turquoise waters.

If you like aquatic sports, this island is the ideal destination. The area is especially good for snorkelling and scuba diving to explore its rich coral reefs, a beautiful sight. You'll also be able to take advantage of the waves on the beaches of Boa Vista to learn to surf, windsurf or bodyboard. Though if you're already an expert, you should ask in the schools and nautical centres in the area about the spots with the best waves to enjoy your favourite sport to the fullest.

In Boa Vista there are more places to visit than just its heavenly beaches, like the Viana Desert, which you can reach with an excursion on quad bikes; Morro Negro Lighthouse, on the eastern-most tip of the island; and Sal Rei, the capital of Boa Vista, the departure point for excursions to see whales and sea turtles.


Boa Vista, like all the Cape Verdean islands, offers primarily seafood and fish dishes. The quality of all the seafood is excellent, and its traditional recipes are delicious. Its cuisine exhibits mainly Portuguese and African influences, but with many local touches. The side dishes tend to be based on root vegetables, with yucca being especially common. And the fruit is also very popular, especially mangoes, papaya and bananas in the summertime, and quince in the autumn. Some of the dishes you can try in this destination are caldo de peixe, a soup made of yams, green banana and cassava; catchupa, a stew typically made with fish or pork; and pastel com diablo diento, a mixture of fresh tuna, onion and tomato wrapped in a dough made from cooked potato and cornmeal.

Praia de Chaves:

It high dunes reach the beach, where they turn into soft, white sand. Its placid waters add the colour turquoise to this singular setting, making it a paradise.

Praia de Santa Mónica:

On this heavenly 18-kilometre stretch of sand, you can swim and sunbathe in complete tranquillity. You won't find anything besides the soft waves that roll lazily into the beach with its fine, white sand.

Sal Rei:

The capital of the Boa Vista. Its quiet, cobblestoned streets flanked by lovely colonial buildings, painted a variety of colours, are worth seeing. The main square, dominated by a pastel-coloured church, is a meeting place for the inhabitants.


Its main attraction is the church of Santo Roque, the oldest on the island. It was built in an elegant colonial style, with a white and blue façade. To the east of the town is a canyon with a small oasis where palm trees make a place for themselves amongst large sand dunes.

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