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Facing a lovely golden-sand beach and surrounded by rolling green hills, this is one of the most pleasing cities on the Black Sea. Less developed and quieter than others on the Bulgarian coast, Obzor has held onto its provincial charm. On its streets you can walk aimlessly in the shade of tall trees. And you can visit lovely cities and natural areas nearby.

The Hotel Riu Helios Bay is the perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable holiday thanks to its facilities and all-inclusive service. Plus, it's right on the Obzor beach, so you can enjoy a seaside getaway in Bulgaria.

The charm of eastern Bulgaria

The town of Obzor has a special charm. Its orange-roofed houses are perched on a gentle slope of the Stara Planina mountains. In the town centre there are bars and restaurants shaded by tall trees, and its main square, with a pretty fountain and several terraces, is one of the nicest places for taking a break from the beach. If you explore the streets of the high part of Obzor, you'll be amazed by its homes with vegetable and flower gardens, and you'll see horse-drawn carts in use, living witnesses to a present still bound to the countryside.

Getting to know Obzor's surroundings can be very interesting. We recommend you visit Nesebar, a city where you will discover dozens of lovely churches and its typical wooden houses. You can also visit the Aladzha Monastery, chiselled out of the rock on a 40-metre high cliff, and tour the cells inhabited by monks for hundreds of years. If you want to see more, Varna, known as the 'Jewel of the Black Sea', will show you its elegant churches, buildings and parks. In this city, you can visit the cathedral, the country's second largest, the clock tower and Evksinograd Palace, among many other sights.

And if you're a nature-lover, you shouldn't miss the Kamchia Biosphere Reserve, where you can enjoy a dense forest and its marshlands and take a pleasant trip in a boat around the mouth of the river to observe the wide variety of local aquatic birds.


Bulgarian food, flavourful and heavily spiced, is very similar to that of its Balkan neighbours. It also has a considerable Turkish influence. Its most traditional specialities feature meat recipes, like kavarmá, méshana skara and sarmí; dishes made with yoghurt or cheese, like cold tarator soup, airán and shopska salata; and delicious desserts like baklava (phyllo pastry with a walnut and honey filling), tolumba (fritters in syrup), and kadaif (very thin noodles with walnuts, cinnamon and syrup). Without question, an authentic pleasure for the taste buds.

Cape Emine:

It is, together with Kaliakra, the most beautiful cape of the Black Sea. From the lighthouse there are stunning views. A 60-metre cliff almost vertical to the sea hides a lovely and uncrowded beach.

Aladzha Monastery:

Perched at a height of 40 metres, hidden among the trees and chiselled out of the rock of a vertical cliff. You can visit its cells and common areas to discover the colourful frescos that formerly covered nearly all the walls of this place.

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