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Golden Sands is a popular tourist destination located on the shores of the Black Sea, just a few miles from the coastal city of Varna. It has a privileged climate, with the best beaches on the Bulgarian coast, and it's close to a lovely nature park that makes it one of the best vacation spots in Eastern Europe.

The Hotel Riu Astoria is located right in front of the famous Golden Sands beach, and it has been designed to provide the best amenities, such as a varied gastronomic offer, fun entertainment programmes and the exclusive RIU Hotels & Resorts service.

Golden Sands: a destination waiting to be discovered

Probably what you'll most want to visit in Golden Sands is its wide beach, to sunbathe or practise some sport on its sand or in its waters, but we also recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy its seafront promenade. And, in the vicinity of Golden Sands there are other places worth visiting, like the historic city of Balchik, which has a lovely botanical garden; Cape Kaliakra, an impressive nature and archaeological reserve; and Aladzha Monastery, hidden among the trees and chiselled out of the rock of a vertical cliff.

And if what interests you is discovering Varna, known as the "Jewel of the Black Sea", we recommend that you set aside an entire day to take in its most important sights, like the cathedral, the second largest church in the country; the Clock Tower, which rises above all the other buildings; Evksinograd Palace; the Marine Gardens; and the lake, the deepest of the Black Sea, which has become one of the most visited places in the city.


Bulgarian cuisine will captivate you with its flavour and characteristic dishes seasoned with the typical spices of the country and its Balkan neighbours. We recommend you try meat dishes like kavarmá, méshana skara and sarmí; some of its yoghurt recipes, the star ingredient of the region, such as the cold tarator soup and ayran; and delicious sweets like baklavá, tolumba and kadaif.

Cape Kaliakra:

A rocky peninsula located in an archaeological reserve full of unspoiled wilderness. Its panoramic views of the Black Sea will impress you.


A city located some six miles from the northern part of Golden Sands. You don't want to miss its lovely palace and adjacent botanical gardens, perfect for strolling and enjoying the tranquillity and the beauty of the place.

Aladzha Monastery:

Chiselled out of 130-foot high cliff, it has rooms and common areas where you'll encounter examples of the colourful frescos that once covered almost all the walls of this historic place.

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