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The name Paradise Island could not be more fitting. Awaiting you here are idyllic beaches, exciting nightlife and popular attractions like Atlantis, the largest resort in the Caribbean, with a casino, water park and aquarium.

To let you experience an all-inclusive Paradise Island holiday, RIU Hotels & Resorts offers you the Hotel Riu Palace Paradise Island, located on the beachfront of the heavenly Cabbage Beach. There you can relax under the warm Caribbean sun, enjoy a pleasant stroll on the shore, or practise different aquatic sports like water skiing, jet ski, windsurfing and kite surfing.

Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas

On the other side of the bridge that separates Paradise Island from the island of New Providence, is Nassau, the capital of Bahamas. In this city you'll be able to explore picturesque colonial architecture, emblematic buildings like the Parliament of The Bahamas, located on Rawson Square and painted a characteristic shade of pastel pink, or visit Fort Charlotte and Fort Fincastle to see 18th century defensive structures.

The Bahamas offers a wide variety of entertainment. If you visit Paradise Island, you can go to Atlantis, a large resort complex situated a few metres from the Hotel Riu Palace Paradise Island, to enjoy the most complete offer of leisure activities imaginable. You also have the option of living incredible experiences like swimming with dolphins on the island of Salt Cay and snorkelling and scuba diving in School House, one of the most popular coral reefs. If you like golf, at the Cable Beach Golf Club you can practise your favourite sport in the midst of lakes and tropical vegetation.

Gastronomy in the Bahamas

On Paradise Island you'll enjoy a cuisine rich in fish and seafood typical of the region, like conch (a type of mollusk), tuna, red lobster and shrimp. You can also savour delicious fish and vegetable soups, bean soups and a variety of tropical fruits native to the country, like soursops, sapodilla and jujubes.

Pirate's Cove Beach:

This virgin and uncrowded spot is a good place for visiting on a jet ski and sitting on the sand enjoying the heavenly Caribbean Sea.

Pirates of Nassau Museum:

The Bahamas was the grand stage for pirates and their nefarious deeds during a large part of the 18th century. This museum, loads of fun for kids, narrates the life and customs of these mythical figures.

Nassau Botanical Garden:

To stroll through this garden is to lose yourself in the world of tropical plants, fountains, small waterfalls and various lagoons surrounded by exuberant vegetation.

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