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Aruba in 2 days

This is where luxury and beauty come together. Aruba Palm Beach offers a white sand beach with turquoise waters and exclusive tourist infrastructure. This can also be your base for taking a number of very interesting excursions and enjoying a wide range of sports and leisure activities.

Day 1:

Spend your morning on Palm Beach and prepare to enjoy yourself. Full of life and very entertaining, Palm Beach offers a variety of activities for those visitors who are looking for something other than sunbathing. Whether you want to take a stroll under the coconut trees, swim in the clear waters or do some water sports, Aruba Palm Beach has a bit of everything. At lunchtime, don't miss the excellent buffet available at your Hotel Riu Palace, and then relax by the pool.

When the hottest hours of the day have passed, head for the Bubali Bird Sanctuary. Take a wander around this protected natural area full of unique bird-watching opportunities. Make the most of your visit and go to the Butterfly Farm, where you will find lots of information about the evolution and development of these fascinating creatures. If you would rather find out about Aruba's history, a good plan is to go to Fort Zoutman. This fort and tower now house a museum covering the early history and development of Aruba.

For a night out, the nightclub and casino at the Hotel Riu Palace Aruba and Hotel Riu Palace Antillas are a must.

Day 2:

The natural pool known as the Cura di Tortuga, in the north of the island, is a stunning spot nobody should miss. If you have the chance, bring some snorkeling equipment to watch the colorful fish underwater. Also, why not take a picnic with you so that you can stay in this amazing place a bit longer? In the afternoon you have two options: to continue exploring the island's natural gems with a visit to the Arikok National Park, where you can enter once-inhabited caves like the Fontein and Guadirikiri; or to spend a pleasant afternoon shopping in the capital, Oranjestad, where you can find the best known international labels.

Recommended in Aruba-Palm Beach

The best of Aruba-Palm Beach


The city's old quarter, with harmonious and colourful houses, is a little piece of Holland in the Caribbean.

Palm Beach

This beach combines the beauty of the Caribbean with the best possible tourist infrastructures. The whiteness of the sand and its turquoise, warm and calm waters are everything one would expect from these latitudes. Strolling under the high palm trees, relaxing under the sun or dipping into the limpid waters are activities that will come on their own.
If you like calm and solitude, this place is not for you. The beauty and services of this beach make it quite a busy place. Windsurfing, sailing, water scooters, diving and fishing are among the many activities that can be enjoyed here. The excellent location of the Riu Palace Aruba Hotel, on the beachfront, will enable you to enjoy all theses activities and the exclusiveness of our installations.

Cura di tortuga

Its not exactly a beach - its more of a natural swimming pool hidden away between huge rocks that protect it from the strong waves. Reaching it is a small expedition in itself, since the terrain is difficult, but the beauty and singularity of the place make it worthwhile. Bolder visitors jump down into the sea from the large outcrops, whilst others are content to bathe in the clear waters.

Recommended in Aruba-Palm Beach

The best of Aruba-Palm Beach


The city's old quarter, with harmonious and colourful houses, is a little piece of Holland in the Caribbean.

Water sports

Palm Beach is the centre of all tourism in Aruba. The only possible drawback - that you will never be alone on this beach - is more than compensated for by the huge variety of activities that you will be able to practise here. It doesn't matter what you prefer - zooming along on a water scooter, using a windsurfing board or kitesurfing, this beach offers all you need.


The warm sea, transparent waters and gentle current, offer optimum conditions for discovering the undersea world. There are numerous outings from Palm Beach to reefs, sunken ships and deep coralline walls. Like the rest of the Caribbean, the waters have a wealth of biodiversity. Hidden amongst the bright coral are sea bass, parrot fish, angel fish, argentine goatfish, moray eels, manta rays, lobsters and turtles.

Family fun: Underwater tours

If you prefer to discover the seabed of Aruba without getting wet, choose a submarine tour - very popular with youngsters. This is an easy, accessible way of discovering the island's waters, although it may also be less exciting.

Walking in the Arikok National Park

This fascinating natural enclave lies in the centre of the island, on one of its highest points. The easy tracks that run through it will lead you to caves with Arawak paintings and a wide variety of vegetation typical of arid climates. One highlight is the divi-divi trees, very common in Aruba, with their strange wind-bent shapes. There is also an abundance of cacti and aloe plants. The park also houses most of Aruba's limited fauna: different species of herons, lizards, geckos and terns, amongst others.


Tierra del Sol: Beneath the beautiful picture-postcard of the imposing California Lighthouse, and parallel to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, runs this golf course, considered world-class both for its beautiful scenery and demanding course.


Whilst Aruba is not a free port, the taxes have always been very low in a clear attempt to motivate consumption, above all by tourists. For this reason, in the island's numerous stores and shopping centres you will find jewellery, perfumes, fashion and electronic goods at fairly competitive prices.

Probably the most representative local products are those related to skin care. Because of the abundance of aloe on the land here, the derivates of this plant produced on the island are many and of a high quality.

Aruba's crafts production is relatively modest, although you will be able to find pretty ceramics and local art. The port of Oranjestad is a good place for buying quality articles. Get ready to bargain, a typical local custom when purchasing these kinds of products.


On an island with limited agricultural production and bathed by the generous Caribbean, it is hardly surprising that fish and seafood occupy a central role on local tables. Don't leave without trying Kreeft stoba, a kind of lobster stew, the crab meat crêpes and fried fish.

'Pan bati' is a kind of roll usually used to accompany most dishes. The plantains, similar to fried bananas, are a popular local dessert.

Recommended in Aruba-Palm Beach

The best of Aruba-Palm Beach


The city's old quarter, with harmonious and colourful houses, is a little piece of Holland in the Caribbean.


The small but attractive old quarter of the capital proudly exhibits a clear Flemish influence. In the pleasant streets, the multi-coloured houses reach up but not out to the sides, in typical Dutch style. The façades and doors sport beautiful ornaments that show the town's rich past. The constructions are so harmonious and are so well kept, that at times they look more like a theme park than an actual city.

For a cultural stop head for the Aruba History Museum, which lies in the imposing fort Zoutman, the country's oldest building. The exhibitions will guide you through the different eras of Aruba's history: from the times of the Caiquitos to the Spanish and Dutch colonial era.

On the quayside the atmosphere is not imposed by the tourists, but by the fishermen and buyers negotiating the price of the daily catches.

The town is also a shoppers' paradise, with large shopping centres and the most important international brands.

California Lighthouse

This high, white structure rises up over the flat topography of the surrounding area and overlooks the characteristic turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Its name comes from the boat of the same name that sunk off the nearby coast. Incidentally, this was the ship that received the SOS signals sent out by the Titanic on its fateful night, but they were not heard in time because the ship's radio operator was off-duty.

Boca Prins dunes

Next to the azure tones of the sea and near the California Lighthouse is a succession of these lovely undulations of sand, as white as snow. The desert scenery is riddled with aloe vera plants and cacti. Numerous excursions run through the dunes in 4x4s or on quads. Their impact on this fragile ecosystem will depend on the organisers, as there are some areas which should not be entered because of their ecological value. We recommend that you choose the hire company well, for the good of the environment and the enjoyment of future generations.


The flat, desert-like terrain is dotted with large rock formations that add some originality to the prevailing scenery.

The Ayo caves and their enormous rocks will draw your attention due to their illogical distribution, as though they had been set up arbitrarily. Scientists are still doubtful about their origin. The only sure thing is that the indigenous Arawaks left the mark of their presence through interesting cave paintings.

The Casibari rocks are other interesting caves, which cover a good part of the desert-like landscape of Hooiberg. Their great weight and strange shapes contrast with the surrounding scenery. From the top of these mammoth stones you can enjoy breathtaking views of the island.

Recommended in Aruba-Palm Beach

The best of Aruba-Palm Beach


The city's old quarter, with harmonious and colourful houses, is a little piece of Holland in the Caribbean.

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