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Sri Lanka is so green that it's known as the 'Emerald Island'. Its natural landscapes of leafy forests, palm beaches, and lowlands populated by wild animals impressed none other than Marco Polo, and they have been so well preserved that they inspire the same wonder today as when he saw them. This is a place of legend where you can visit the ruins of forgotten kingdoms and mysterious caves inhabited hundreds of years ago. Its charms are many, and they have made it the country with the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites per square metre in the world. 

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Discover the Emerald Island.

The privileged area of Ahungalla is located on the country's southwest coast. The banks of the Bentota River wrap around this tranquil town that provides all manner of infrastructure and amenities. It's a place where you can relax on the warm sand, practise aquatic sports or use as a base for excursions to the main cultural and natural attractions of the land once known as Ceylon.

If the first thing you want to do upon arrival is go to the beach, we recommend you head for Ahungalla Beach, which is perfect for relaxation and aquatic sports, or Bentota Beach, one of the country's most famous. Although during your visit to Ahungalla, you shouldn't pass up the opportunity to discover more of the age-old culture of Sri Lanka. We suggest visiting Kande Viharaya Temple, where you'll see the largest seated Buddha statue in the world, or taking a boat ride to Barberyn Island and walking to the Beruwala Lighthouse, which is still in use. Another very popular excursion is to the historic colonial city of Galle, a port that was occupied by the Dutch, the French and the British, who each left their mark on the architecture inside its walls. 

But if you're more interested in nature, don't miss Udawalawe National Park, where you'll see elephants in their natural habitat; Adams Peak, a famous pilgrimage site; and the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, a mountainous tropical jungle that is home to numerous endemic species of flora and fauna. And if you'd like to see dolphins, sea turtles and whales, you can arrange a special excursion just for that. 

Sri Lankan gastronomy

Ceylonese cuisine is marked by the influence of the different cultures that colonised its land. Most dishes are based on rice, spices, fish and coconut. Amongst the most typical dishes, you'll find brinjal moju, based on pickled eggplant; indiappa, noodles made with rice flour; mallum, made with shredded vegetable leaves fried with fish and turmeric; and rice with coconut milk and honey, one of the country's typical desserts. And, of course, you can't leave without having a cup of authentic Ceylon Tea, which is available in different varieties, often heavily spiced.

Buddhist temples:

The Sinhalese (Sri Lankan Buddhists) have built a multitude of temples that are open to the public and where you can appreciate their colourfulness and artistry.

Udawalawe National Park:

It's the national park closest to Ahungalla, and there you can see elephants in their natural habitat and enjoy a spectacular setting.

Adam's Peak:

Famous pilgrimage site. According to Christian and Muslim tradition, at the top there is a footprint left by Adam when he stepped on the ground just after being expelled from paradise. The Buddhists, on the other hand, consider it the footprint of the Buddha when he ascended to the heavens, and the Hindus that of Shiva from when he visited Sri Lanka.

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