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Fuerteventura emerges desert-like from the Atlantic Ocean. Great sand dunes, formed by winds carrying sand directly from the Sahara, lose themselves in the sea, creating fantastic beaches. Its waters, with characteristic turquoise hues that contrast with the surrounding ochre, are perfect for a wide variety of aquatic sports. Far from any large agglomerations, the volcanic charm of this island and the generous sun that shines on it most of the year make it a perfect place for an exceptional holiday.

In Fuerteventura you'll find the Hotel Riu Oliva Beach Resort, the Hotel Riu Palace Tres Islas, the Hotel Calypso and the Hotel Riu Palace Jandia, where you can stay in total comfort. In all these hotels you'll have countless exclusive amenities, a varied gastronomic offer and the best entertainment programmes for enjoying an unforgettable getaway.

Fuerteventura, an undiscovered paradise

The beaches of Fuerteventura are incredible, but that's not the island's only attraction. There are many places we recommend visiting, like the traditional town of Betancuria, situated in the crater of an extinct volcano. The greenest part of the island, it is of great historical and artistic interest, so it's worth taking the time to stroll amongst its white houses and go into its cathedral. You'll also get to see the typical windmills, which in many cases have been declared heritage sites for their cultural significance. You can see some of these windmills in Puerto del Rosario and in the municipality of La Oliva, though it's a good idea to visit the Los MolinosInterpretation Centre first and learn the history of these structures.

If you like taking excursions to natural wonderlands, in Fuerteventura you'll have plenty of opportunities. We suggest you visit the 'sacred mountain', of Tindaya, a place where traces of the island's original inhabitants abound and to which these people attributed magical qualities. Or to Jandía Nature Park, a place situated between the sea and the mountain that stands out for its sharp contrasts. It's the location of the highest point in Fuerteventura, Pico de la Zarza, and has exceptional views of the island.


The cuisine of Fuerteventura stands out for its variety and for traditional dishes that go back a long time. Both fish and meat are present in the most typical recipes, and they tend to be accompanied by traditional sauces like 'mojo picón'. Amongst the most popular specialities, you'll find sancocho, a dish made with salt fish; gofio amasado, a kneaded mixture of barley flour and diverse ingredients; papas arrugás, small potatoes cooked in their skins and served with a variety of 'mojos' or sauces.

Grandes Playas:

A series of beautiful beaches and coves that are part of the Dunas de Corralejo Nature Park. Walking across their fine sands you'll encounter numerous places in which to lose yourself and enjoy absolute tranquillity

Isla de los Lobos:

This island emerges a few kilometres off the coast, between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, and is part of the Dunas de Corralejo Nature Park. There you'll find desert landscapes of exceptional beauty.

Playa de Jandía:

Located on the peninsula of the same name, it is one in a long succession of beaches with clean waters that seem to go on forever. It's the perfect place for both people who want to sunbathe and those interested in aquatic sports.

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