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On the western tip of Jamaica is Negril, one of the most important tourist centres of the country. You'll be amazed by its heavenly beaches, its privileged natural environment and its reggae-infused nightlife, all of which are the makings of an unforgettable holiday in Negril.

In this tourist destination, you'll find the Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay and the Hotel Riu Negril, located on the stunning Bloody Bay, where you can relax and take it easy during your trip to Jamaica. And, nearby you'll find the famous Negril Lighthouse from which you can enjoy a privileged view of the coast.

Amazing beaches and nature

A holiday in Negril without going to the beach doesn't make any sense. In this zone of Jamaica you can enjoy exquisite beaches surrounded by incredible natural environments, like Seven Mile Beach, with its very calm waters; the Long Bay Beach Park, a continuation of the former, but more virgin; and the Rhodes Hall Plantation, a lovely beach where you can swim in bubbling thermal waters.

On the outskirts of Negril, you'll find marvellous places where you can swim in spectacular natural settings, like Mayfield Falls, the swimming hole at the Blue Hole Mineral Spring, or Booby Cay Island where you'll also get to enjoy a delicious freshly-caught lobster cooked up then and there. On the Negril coast you can also practise aquatic sports like snorkelling and scuba diving to see the lovely coral reefs.

If you prefer to explore the culture and traditions of Jamaica, we recommend you visit banana, sugar and spice plantations like Brimmer Hall or Prospect Plantation, which open their doors to show tourists their enormous colonial estates. Also, at the colourful Craft Market, located on Norman Manley Boulevard, you'll find typical products of the country so that you can buy attractive souvenirs of your stay and discover the craft traditions of Jamaica. If you want to experience Negril's nightlife, stick around and visit some of the bars and discotheques, where you can dance to reggae music, or go to the beach, where it's not hard to find parties on the sand organised by the different beach bars located there.

Gastronomy in Negril

The cuisine of Negril features delicious dishes made with the typical ingredients of the country, like pepperpot, a stew made of quimbombó, callaloo (amaranth) and beef; sumario, a dish that combines different types of fish and vegetables cooked in coconut milk, peppers and spices; and green papaya chutney. And, you'll get the chance to taste native ingredients that you've never tried before and delicious exotic fruits.

The Great Morass:

A large wetland that is home to endemic bird species and American crocodiles. You can visit the Royal Palm Reserve to see the native flora and fauna of Jamaica.

Blue Hole Mineral Spring:

A deep natural swimming hole with an intense blue colour. In this hole, you can jump into the water from a height of around seven metres and enjoy a heavenly setting in which to disconnect from the world.

Rick's Café:

The most famous spot in all of Negril, and it's located on cliffs where you can watch spectacular sunsets.

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