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The tiny Ilha do Sal, or island of salt, emerges timidly from the Atlantic with landscapes bare of vegetation that remind us that we're at the same latitude as the Sahara Desert. The landscape invites you to look towards the sea: the heavenly beaches that ring the island, the numerous aquatic sports you can practise, and the excellent fish that the local fishermen catch each day underscore the intimate relationship this island has always had with the sea. Here there are no large agglomerations, just quiet towns that make the island the perfect locale for people looking for peace and quiet. 

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Sal Island, an undiscovered paradise

Even if you're going to Sal Island to relax on its beaches or practise your favourite aquatic sport, we suggest you take the time to explore its marvellous scenery. You won't regret seeing the fantastic hidden spots it has to offer.

We recommend you rent a car, or even a quad bike, and spend the day touring the heavenly landscapes of the island on your own. You can start with Pedra de Lume, an abandoned mining town where you can visit the flats where salt was once extracted. The place is situated inside the crater of an extinct volcano in which various natural swimming pools formed. Another natural swimming pool, although with very different characteristics, can be found in Buracona. Try to visit it on a sunny day in the late morning to enjoy this natural wonder to the fullest. 

Other places we recommend you visit are Espargos, the main hub for services on the island; Palmeira, a meeting place for fishing, recreational and tourist boats; and Terra Boa, an area famous for its mirage, in which a huge lake appears to exist where there is only sand. And if you enjoy going out at night, the best place is Santa María. Its tourist offer includes a series of bars and discotheques, and you'll also find some nightspots on the beach that have become very popular by offering music, dancing and tropical cocktails on the sand.


On Sal Island you can savour exquisite seafood dishes prepared with the finest local ingredients. Although most of the dishes are typical of the country, the Portuguese and African influence in many of them is undeniable. Some of the dishes you can try in this destination are caldo de peixe, a soup made of yams, green banana and cassava; catchupa, a stew typically made with fish or pork; and pastel com diablo diento, a mixture of fresh tuna, onion and tomato wrapped in a dough made from cooked potato and cornmeal. And the fruit on Sal Island is also very popular, especially mango, papaya and banana in summertime, and quince in autumn, although tamarinds, dates and coconuts are also abundant.

Pedra da Lume:

From the top of an extinct volcano you can see the blue, red and green hues of these beautiful salt flats. The extensive lagoons occupy the entire base of the crater, creating a mosaic of colour. The lunar landscape of the surroundings adds a touch of magic to this place.


The action of the sea against the volcanic rock of Sal Island has formed cavities that serve as natural swimming pools. Their crystalline waters change colour depending on the direction of the sun and make for an unusual and safe place to swim.

Praia de Santa María:

Unquestionably the best beach on Sal Island. Its 8 kilometres of fine golden sand are a pleasure for all five senses, and the transparency and intense colour of its waters never fail to amaze people.

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