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Nature and tranquillity is what you will find in Pravets, a lovely municipality near Sofia. The pretty green meadows and rolling hills that surround it invite you to enjoy a relaxing getaway or an active holiday for hiking or cycling or playing golf. The Hotel Riu Pravets Resort is located on the edge of a pretty lake. Its spacious facilities, rich gastronomic offer and exclusive amenities will make your holiday unforgettable.

Places and landscapes of Pravets

Seeing the incredible landscapes and interesting places in the area is essential during your holiday in Pravets. If you enjoy hiking, we suggest exploring places like the St. Teodor Tiron Monastery, from which various well-marked trails depart, or visiting the Stara Planina mountains to enjoy the marvellous trails that cross forests and streams. Another place we recommend visiting, if time permits, is the Rila Monastery. From the outside, its sober walls conceal an unimaginable beauty on the inside, where various levels of arches and balconies enclose a large inner courtyard. The complex is splendid and represents an obligatory stop.

You can also discover other places, like the picturesque town of Koprivshtitsa and its house-museums showing the development of the Bulgarian Renaissance of the 19th century. Those who don't know Bulgaria should take advantage of the trip to see its capital: Sofia. Its historic centre consists of elegant avenues and ornate churches, city parks, a large central market and the Presidential Palace. You can also see the Church of St Nicholas, Sveta Nedelya square, Borisova Gradina Park and Boyana Church, Sofia's best-known and most cherished monument.

Bulgarian gastronomy

The influence of its Balkan neighbours and the Turks is very notable in Bulgarian cuisine. The majority of the dishes are heavily spiced and represent authentic gastronomic experiences. Amongst the most common recipes you'll find meat dishes like kavarmá, méshana skara and sarmí; dishes made with yoghurt or cheese, like cold tarator soup, airán and shopska salata; and delicious desserts like baklava, tolumban and kadaif.

Boyana Church:

Twelve kilometres from the centre of Sofia is Boyana Church, the best-known and most cherished monument of Sofia. This small hermitage is jewel of Orthodox art of the 18th century, Bulgaria's golden age.


Situated in the Sredna Gora mountains, Koprivshtitsa is one of the prettiest towns in Bulgaria. Walking through its cobblestone streets you'll discover various house-museums, examples of what is known as the Bulgarian National Revival, or Renaissance.

Rila Monastery:

One of Bulgaria's most famous sights for its beauty and history, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its arches, inner courtyard and the Nativity of the Virgin church will amaze you.

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